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FRELIMOFrente de Libertação de Moçambique (Front for Liberation of Mozambique)
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When the inevitable terrorist conflict began, Daniel Roxo offered his services to the Portuguese army, and fought the FRELIMO insurgents in Niassa Province of northern Mozambique with great skill, cunning and success and was decorated by the Portuguese government for his actions, including the Honoris Crux for bravery during Operation Savannah for an action during the Battle of Bridge 14 during which he single-handedly killed twelve enemy soldiers.
Analysts say Renamo, which has vowed to disrupt local elections this year and a presidential poll in 2014, has at most 1,000 armed men under its command but poses no significant military or political threat to Frelimo.
In 1992, after the General Peace Accords were signed between RENAMO and the FRELIMO government, over 90,000 combatants were to be demobilized.
Contrary to earlier expectations that the Pemba congress would designate a new party leader, Frelimo s top brass announced this month they would put forward only one candidate for the post: Guebuza.
While Frelimo faces no credible political opposition, and the lines between party, state and business are blurred, there are at least two blocs within the party, one more on the left of the political spectrum and the other on the right.
In Mozambique, Frelimo had moved to surround the Cabora Bassa dam, and in Angola MPLA had recovered from the defeats and splits of 1972-73 to mount a five front offensive.
The proliferation of movements, which stated that they embodied the true aspirations of Portuguese colonies, forced the FNLA, the MPLA, the PAIGC and the FRELIMO to request their recognition as peoples representatives.
These moments of hierarchization after independence derived from the necessity to "limit the electoral capacity of the citizens who were committed to fascist colonialism." (21) The category of second-class citizens included many of those whom FRELIMO identified as having been allies or supporters of the Portuguese colonial presence (Meneses 2007b).
For example, the Frelimo party company SPI was part owner of the company given the contract to install a non-invasive scanner in port of Maputo; all containers going through the port had to pass through the scanner, and pay a fee of $20 to $100 per container.
Political parties: Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO); Mozambican National Resistance (RENAMO); Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM); numerous small parties.