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FRELIMOFrente de Libertação de Moçambique (Front for Liberation of Mozambique)
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In the former Portuguese territories, when faced by civil wars which were vigorously stoked by the apartheid regime, both the MPLA and Frelimo had officially adopted Marxism-Leninism and re-structured themselves as 'vanguard' parties on the Soviet model with a view to remaking society along socialist lines.
A OMM, braco feminino da FRELIMO, foi criada em 1973 e sua organizacao nacional, com capacidade de mobilizacao das mulheres, integrou-as nas tarefas de reconstrucao do pais no periodo pos-colonial.
Por otra parte, incluso dentro del partido-Estado FRELIMO despues del trabajo y publicaciones de Geffray algunos sectores tomaron conciencia de este handicap en relacion a las autoridades tradicionales.
A estrutura de oposicoes entre movimento e estaticidade pode ser pensada a partir das figuras de Sianga (o velho regulo, destituido do posto e do respeito de chefe a partir da vitoria da Frelimo na luta anticolonialista) e de Minosse, sua esposa.
Emerson traces the beginnings of Frelimo and its armed struggle against Portugal.
Members of ruling party Frelimo maintain that the company is viable, even though the fishing company filed a loss of $25m in 2014.
Energies have been directed to resolving the confrontation with RENAMO and to the apparently successful--but certainly not smooth--power transition within FRELIMO.
Which African country was home to the political groups FRELIMO and RENAMO?
During the campaign for the recently held presidential election, Frelimo - the governing party - promised to use the future financial windfall from royalties and corporate taxes to invest in infrastructure, education and health care services.
Maputo, Dhu-AlHijjah 22, 1435, Oct 16, 2014, SPA -- Mozambique's ruling party Frelimo appeared headed for
And then there's the country's rickety democracy, consisting of an aged and jaded Marxist government, Frelimo, which won the civil war, and an opposition, Renamo, that's currently hiding out in a game park and often blows up what it believes to be military targets.
No agreement has proved possible on the terms of reference for international observers who should supervise a cessation of hostilities, because Renamo demands "parity" between itself and the ruling Frelimo Party in the armed forces (FADM) and the police.