FREMMFrigate European Multi-Mission
FREMMFrégate Européenne Multi-Mission
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CDR has in the past several weeks had an opportunity to visit Naval Group facilities in Brittany and has talked to senior executives about the company, its ambitions and services, inspecting the FREMM vessel and construction line firsthand (look for a report on this in CDR's next issue).
The deal was also focused on using Canadian technology on board the ships and include technology transfer to Canadian firms so they could be involved in future sales of the FREMM vessels on the international market.
The FREMM frigate incorporates sophisticated sensors, weapons and communication systems suited for all types of warfare.
Some industrial projects were convincing, such as the A400M transport aircraft, the FREMM frigates (Italy and France), the PAAMS Naval Missile System (France, UK, and Italy), and the Tiger helicopter.
Typhoon multirole combat aircraft, FREMM frigates, NH 90 helicopters, and Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) program
Shaman has recently obtained design assessment certification by the Italian ship certification body RINA and is now being specified for all classes of multi-mission frigates of the FREMM program of the Italian Navy.
Napriklad puvodni plany na celkem 22 fregat prvniho radu byly redukovany o 4 kusy, z toho vsak melo byt jen 11 novych viceucelovych fregat FREMM (2 z nich v protiletadlove variante) budovanych ve spolupraci s Italii (misto drive planovanych 18 jednotek).
Travel Business Review-October 22, 2012--DCNS launched FREMM Normandie in the presence of Minister for Defence and Minister for Economy and Finance(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
On paper, the Type 26's specifications are closely similar to those of the DCNS's FREMM multimission frigate.
Morocco was France's second-largest client in 2008 with a contract to buy FREMM frigates built by a state-controlled company.
The deal replaces a similar agreement with France which Algeria decided to cancel because of negotiations between Paris and Rabat to sell FREMM frigates.