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Internal R&D, which is represented in several studies by R&D expenditures (e.g., HAGEDOORN; WANG, 2012) and R&D intensity (e.g., COHEN; LEVINTHAL, 1990), is mentioned in the literature mostly impacting positively innovation (BELUSSI et al., 2010; FRENZ; IETTO-GILLES, 2009; HAGEDOORN; WANG, 2012; OERLEMANS; KNOBEN; PRETORIUS, 2013).
Internal R&D is most often mentioned in innovation management literature as causing a positive impact on innovation performance (Belussi et al., 2010; Frenz & Ietto-Gillies, 2009; Hagedoorn & Wang, 2012; Oerlemans, Knoben, & Pretorius, 2013).
"WannaCry proves how insecure these devices are," Christopher Frenz, infrastructure director at New York, N.Y.-based Interfaith Medical Center, noted at an August hacker conference.
Summary: New Delhi [India], October 30 (ANI): The first look and poster of Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer 'Tiger Zinda Hai' have already sent fans into frenz, raising their excitement for the trailer of the film.
Para aquelas empresas que buscam aumentar a sua posicao no mercado, ou ate mesmo sustenta-las, a inovacao mostra-se como fonte originaria de novas formas de gestao e producao de know-how em busca de garantir a competitividade tao almejada, nos dias competitivos atuais (Hausman & Johnston, 2014; Archibugi, Filippetti, & Frenz, 2013).
Both calculations with PDP-Plus structure determination package and illustrations with ORTEP software were performed on PDP-11 computer (Frenz, 1982).
Today, the management of technology and know-how plays a great role in competition (Frenz & Gillies, 2009; Vega-Jurado & Gutierrez-Gracia, Fernandez-de-Lucio & Manjarres-Henriquez, 2008).
Presidente del Directorio del Centro Helmut Frenz de Educacion en Derechos Humanos
Singer BD, Ziska LH, Frenz DA, Gebhard DE, Straka JG.
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