FRERPFederal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
FRERPFiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Plastic (fictional substance)
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According to the FRERP, "DOD will be the [lead federal agency] if the emergency involves one of its facilities or a nuclear weapon in its custody." (51) In such a case, DOD can declare a National Defense Area around the device and (52) effectively federalize the property it needs for the duration of the emergency.
The FRERP makes clear that DOD is the lead federal agency only if the incident occurs on DOD property or involves DOD materials.
(58) As the FRERP explains: In the event of an unforeseen type of emergency not specifically described in this plan [i.e., terrorism] or a situation where conditions exist involving overlapping responsibility that could cause confusion regarding [the lead federal agency] role and responsibilities, DOD, DOE, EPA, NASA, and NRC will confer upon receipt of notification of the emergency to determine which agency is the [lead federal agency].