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FRETFluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
FRETFörster Resonance Energy Transfer
FRETFugitive Recovery Enforcement Team
FRETFederal Retail Excise Tax
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'Don't fret. They will be selling the US flag on Philippine-US Friendship Day as well,' Locsin said over Twitter.
Fret was shot eight times while riding a motorbike in the street.
* As of this release the restoration cost is $15-20 per fret.
The sea fret eventually meant 14.5 overs were lost, starting from 5.55pm.
He begins with physical and environmental factors, which include the strings and frets (the two most important variables), tailpiece, bridge, nut, and tuning pegs.
Also, measure individual distances between a pair of frets, mark and draw a line along the centre of each fret.
"Triple Fret" members Jenny de Vera, Iqui Vinculado and Marga Abejo, an all-female classical-contemporary guitar trio, also won the Japan Guitar Association Award, the Kohno Guitar Award and the Harumi Award for Best Performance of an Original Contemporary Composition for Guitar Ensemble.
A haar is a coastal fog, more commonly referred to in Northumberland as a sea fret. To be fair, it's much more common on the east coast than the rest of the UK, especially up North and in Scotland because of the cold North Sea, so we shouldn't feel singled out by this.
Stock traders have a lot to fret about these days, and apparently the things they were fretting about yesterday were pretty much the same as the things they were fretting about two days ago.
Recently, Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) probes have been developed for measuring intracellular cAMP levels.