FREXTFidelity Range Extensions
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Computational time allocation of MB modes in each MB for 1000 times SKIP 16x16 16x8 8x16 T([mu]s) 23 402 411 450 Ratio(%) 0.52 9.18 9.37 10.27 8x8 8x8 Frext Intra Total T([mu]s) 2384 496 219 4384 Ratio(%) 54.37 11.30 4.99 100 Table 2.
The demonstrated Ericsson solution comprises the most flexible and future proof contribution encoder on the market and its Ericsson CE-xH42 MPEG-4 AVC HD 4:2:2 module is capable of unleashing MPEG-4 AVC's Fidelity Range Extensions (FRExt), such as 10-bit precision and 1080p50/60 encoding resolutions to support the growing 3G studio infrastructure.