FREXTFidelity Range Extensions
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Computational time allocation of MB modes in each MB for 1000 times SKIP 16x16 16x8 8x16 T([mu]s) 23 402 411 450 Ratio(%) 0.52 9.18 9.37 10.27 8x8 8x8 Frext Intra Total T([mu]s) 2384 496 219 4384 Ratio(%) 54.37 11.30 4.99 100 Table 2.
The demonstrated Ericsson solution comprises the most flexible and future proof contribution encoder on the market and its Ericsson CE-xH42 MPEG-4 AVC HD 4:2:2 module is capable of unleashing MPEG-4 AVC's Fidelity Range Extensions (FRExt), such as 10-bit precision and 1080p50/60 encoding resolutions to support the growing 3G studio infrastructure.
I will also be working on a technical document to exactly outline what the Flash Player does support and what it does not support, although my previous posts already pointed out that we are very close to full support of the H.264 standard with the exception of Extended Profile and FRExt.