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FRFFrequency Response Function
FRFFederatia Româna de Fotbal (Romanian Futbol Federation)
FRFFrame Relay Forum
FRFFurReal Friends (online community)
FRFField Research Facility
FRFFlorida Retail Federation
FRFFutenma Replacement Facility (Japan)
FRFFirst Run Features
FRFFragment Retention Film (polyester window film)
FRFFloating-Point Register File
FRFFinnish Rescue Force
FRFFire-Resistant Fuel
FRFFoundation for Religious Freedom (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
FRFFinnish Rugby Federation
FRFFinite-Rate Feedback
FRFFlood Relief Fund (Pakistan)
FRFForm-Resolving Field (research)
FRFFlat Rayleigh Fading
FRFFlat to Round to Flat (cable)
FRFFlight Records Folder (USAF)
FRFFact-Related Field
FRFFour-Resonator Filter
FRFField Reporting Facility
FRFFree Realms Forums (website)
FRFFachvereinigung Rohrleitungs Formstücke eV
FRFFrench Francs (old currency code; replaced by EUR)
FRFFatigue Reliability Factor (engineering)
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The 1996 third quarter operating income, with FRF 60 million, was substantially above that of the 1995 third quarter, of FRF 11 million.
will be approximately FRF 350 million, which is a significant
The unaudited first quarter results for the Group record a net loss of FRF (59) million [$(12) million], which is FRF (3.
CONSOLIDATED CONDENSED BALANCE SHEETS (UNAUDITED) June 30 (amounts in millions) 1996 1996 1995 USD(1) FRF FRF
First, the author failed to adequately discuss the limitations of FRF.
The FRF also offers specialized vehicles, including the Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo (LARC) ship, which can be loaded on shore and driven through the surf into deeper water, and the Coastal Research Amphibious Buggy (CRAB), a motorized, three-wheeled vehicle with a stable platform atop a 35-foot tripod frame (photo at left).
The Institute's FRF for SMEs will be a less complicated and less costly system of accounting for SMEs that do not need U.
Viewing and buying a car on a cold, wet forecourt is now a thing of the past at FRF Vauxhall Network Q.
Gallagher and Van Krikorian, also agreed to other conditions, including: to vote their shares to elect one designee of FGMF, FRF, and FAF collectively to the Company's Board of Directors; and to grant FGMF, FRF, and FAF certain tag-along rights.
Local Saab dealership FRF SAAB is pleased to confirm that General Motors has announced the sale of Saab to luxury Dutch car maker Spyker Cars.
GAO is responsible for obtaining reasonable assurance about whether FDIC's financial statements for DIF and FRF are presented fairly in all material respects, in conformity with U.