FRFSFederal Reserve Financial Services
FRFSFeeder Request for Service
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Although the FRFS did not list specific aspects of security, we focused on separating financial security from privacy.
Speed time at checkout was rated especially high--consistent with the FRFS findings.
The first speed-related strategy on the FRFS proposed list is to "Evolve ACH.
Because the FRFS market research study found that "end users .
One of the FRFS proposed strategies is to "Work with payment system stakeholders to accelerate development and adoption of payment security standards and related business processes.
However, the FRFS market research shows that consumers seem to be satisfied with the current speed of payments.
For example, the market research commissioned by the FRFS shows that large businesses in particular value fast notification and fund availability, and therefore the benefits to merchants from faster ACH might outweigh the cost.