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The 103 newly appointed RAs and FRFs are affiliated with 54 different colleges and universities, and completed graduate studies at 29 different institutions.
The Green's function describes the half-space response in the time/space domain, and its counterpart in the frequency domain, describing the spectral response of the half-space to a Dirac delta function, is referred to as the FRF. This duality is of particular interest in case of coated bodies, where only the FRFs are known, while the Green's functions derivation is difficult, if not impossible.
where: A is the number of FRFs that coincide in both selection periods; B is the number of selected plants, in this case 25, and C is the number of coincidences attributed by chance, being adopted, in this case, 10% of B.
As described in [12], the PolyMAX method employs measured FRFs as primary data and it is called the z-domain method (i.e., a frequency-domain model is derived from a discretetime model).
The damage is evaluated by the POM curvature extracted from the measured FRFs without the baseline data.
A comparison between the FRFS approach and the SCPC approach is detailed in the Appendix.
In the United States, two major financial reporting frameworks (FRF) exist for companies preparing and issuing financial statements: generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and special-purpose frameworks (SPF), formerly known as other comprehensive bases of accounting (OCBOA).
Ignoring the amplitude and only emphasizing the relative ratio of all components, the combination of Macrostrain magnitude FRFs from all FBG sensors can construct a vector, that is, MMSV, as
In order to study accelerometer mass-loading effects on thin walled structures, we performed several impact tests at different locations over aluminum 7075 thin-walls (1 x 35 x 50 mm) and collected the corresponding FRFs by using a 0.6 gram accelerometer.