FRFTFractional Fourier Transform
FRFTFederatia Romana de Fotbal Tenis (Romanian sports federation)
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The linear canonical transform (LCT), a generalization of the Fourier transform (FT) and the fractional Fourier transform (FRFT), is a very useful signal analysis tool.
When the parameter matrix A is with some special cases, the LCT reduces to FT, FRFT, Fresnel transform, and scaling operation [24].
Although the FRFT based MMSE outperforms the conventional MMSE receiver in terms of bit error rate (BER) [8], it assumes perfect channel knowledge at the receiver which in practice is never known apriori.
Zhang, "Study on integrated radar-communication signal of OFDM-LFM based on FRFT," in Proceedings of the IET International Radar Conference 2015, pp.
To the best of our knowledge, Poisson sum formula has been generalized with many transforms such as FRFT, LCT, fractional Laplace transform and fractional Hilbert transform [1, 2, 20, 21].
where u represents the frequency and K the FRFT transformation kernel as
The fractional autocorrelation (FA) and fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) were considered to solve the problem of polyphase code signal detection in [16] and [17], respectively.
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