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FRHFrench (language)
FRHFonds de Reconstruction d'Haiti (French: Haiti Reconstruction Fund)
FRHFederatia Românã de Handbal (Romanian: Romanian Handball Federation)
FRHFuture for Religious Heritage (EU)
FRHFlameless Ration Heater
FRHFamily and Reproductive Health
FRHFly Runway Heading
FRHFraction of Residential Power Supplied by Hydro (Carolina Environmental Program)
FRHFlame/Radiant Heat
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Vice-President, President de la FRH de Djerba-Zarzis et President de la Commission Financement: Jalel Henchiri
Put the small BII funnel, NSN 724000-404-9793, in the hose and slowly add FRH, NSN 9150-00-111-6256, until the fluid level reaches the MIN LEVEL mark on the replenisher.
As I descended the foothills to Rani Bagh just a little before Haldwani, to the last FRH of my circuit I felt I had trudged a little into the past that makes its presence felt today.
Primero tenemos a escala local (municipal) las organizaciones como el PEC y la FRH, a escala nacional esta la Coordinacion Nacional del PCN y cambiando de escala, tenemos a la Oficina para asuntos Latinoamericanos-WOLA en Washington y, finalmente, las instancias ante las cuales se ha interpuesto la demanda, que son: la CPI y la oficina del Defensor del Pueblo del Banco Mundial.
The other was produced just after FRH sold the Plymouth name to Chrysler Corp.
Number of hands Sensitivity Sensitivity with abnormality (%) criteria CARUJ 19/100 19 >14 mm MNAP 33/100 33 >14 mm MNAH 18/100 18 >14 mm FRRU 6/100 6 >4 FRP 2/100 2 >4 FRH 2/100 2 >4 MNSR 6/100 6 >1.
The growth of resources for project contributed by the FRH was of 75% in real terms and the financing ratio Colciencias / counter part, increased from 0.
If, however, FRH makes a $99 distribution to DE1, the distribution would be a dividend for U.
Pero el divorcio entre la pequena y la gran corrupcion en los terminos propuestos por FRH resulta por lo menos artificial.
The UGR-E contains four heaters that are 10 times the size of each single FRH heater," explained Dangel.
463) and by making the FRH unenforceable once the S&G axe
Universal Silencer's air filters feature a new style of weather protection for its standard units (models FH, FSH, FRH, FCRH and BFH) that use 20 x 25 in.