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FRHFrench (language)
FRHFonds de Reconstruction d'Haiti (French: Haiti Reconstruction Fund)
FRHFederatia Românã de Handbal (Romanian: Romanian Handball Federation)
FRHFuture for Religious Heritage (EU)
FRHFlameless Ration Heater
FRHFamily and Reproductive Health
FRHFly Runway Heading
FRHFlame/Radiant Heat
FRHFraction of Residential Power Supplied by Hydro (Carolina Environmental Program)
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Units may collect previously issued FRH from soldiers to throw out as regular trash.
Just making sure the FRH reaches the MIN LEVEL mark on the replenisher isn't good enough, either.
When, after checking into one of only two rooms of the FRH (the other was vacant), we sat sipping the welcome tea on the ground floor, the glade had been empty.
Twenty-six treatments were tested to compose the substrate: T1-100% SS; T2-80% SS/20% CF; T3-60% SS/40% CF; T4-40% SS/60% CF; T5-20% SS/80% CF; T6-80% SS/20% VER; T7-60% SS/40% VER; T8-40% SS/60% VER; T9-20% SS/80% VER; T10-80% SS/20% FCS; T11-60% SS/40% FCS; T12-40% SS/60% FCS; T13-20% SS/80% FCS; T14-80% SS/20% OC; T15-60% SS/40% OC; T16-40% SS/60% OC; T17-20% SS/80% OC; T18-80% SS/20% CRH; T19-60% SS/40% CRH; T20-40% SS/60% CRH; T21-20% SS/80% CRH; T22-80% SS/20% FRH; T23-60% SS/40% FRH; T24-40% SS/60% FRH; T25-20% SS/80% FRH; T26-100% CS.
Kholoud Al-Mehdar, public relations director of FRH Application, said customers then rated and reviewed their experience with the service provider.
Abbreviations Vit C: Vitamin C RNS: Reactive nitrogen species ROS: Reactive oxygen species FRAP: Ferric reducing antioxidant power TBA: Thiobarbituric acid [H.sub.2] [O.sub.2]: Hydrogen peroxide CAT: Catalase MeOH: Methanol [H.sub.2]O: Distilled water [H.sub.2]O/EtOH: Water/ethanol (70/30; V/V) RMH: Roots MeOH FEO: Leaves [H.sub.2]O ECM: Barks MeOH RHO: Roots [H.sub.2]O ECH: Barks [H.sub.2]O/EtOH FHE: Leaves [H.sub.2]O/EtOH FEM: Leaves MeOH EHE: Barks [H.sub.2]O FRM: Fruits MeOH RHE: Roots [H.sub.2]O/EtOH FRO: Fruits [H.sub.2]O FRH: Fruits [H.sub.2]O/EtOH VIT C: Vitamin C QE: Quercetin Cont pos: Positive control Cont neg: Negative control.
[F.sub.420] cycling can be accomplished using the [F.sub.420]-dependent hydrogenase (Frh) and [F.sub.420][H.sub.2]: phenazine oxidoreductase (Fpo) complex [48] (Figure 2).
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However, we can compare the results, relating to the establish samples by FRH (Romanian Handball Federation) in competitional year 2013-2014.
The documents do not show who Achour bought the companies from, but Irad has a 4 percent stake in Mediterranean Real Estate as does FRH Holding, 99.9 percent of which is owned by Fahd Rafik Hariri.