FRHSFaith Regional Health Services (Nebraska)
FRHSFossil Ridge High School (Fort Collins, CO)
FRHSFellow of the Royal Historical Society (UK)
FRHSFar Rockaway High School (New York)
FRHSFayette Regional Health System (Connersville, IN)
FRHSFoundation for Research in Health Systems (India)
FRHSFellow of the Royal Horticultural Society
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Deana Kochis, theater director and language arts teacher at FRHS, shared her reactions: "I brought my fourth-hour ninth grade freshmen to see Brandon Sanderson.
At the district level, to help with the day-to-day functioning of the project, there was an Implementation Committee consisting of the District Health Officer, the Assistant District Health Officer in charge of the project, the project co-ordinator from FRHS and the secretary of the Steering Committee.
FRHS managed the project funds and provided qualified research staff for the project.
To ensure that the ANMs always had equipment in working condition, FRHS workers would carry an extra set of equipment with them whenever they attended an MCP clinic.