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FRIDGERefrigerator (originally short for Frigidaire)
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Using money from her weekly garage sale and her daughter's savings, Ms Bailey had the first fridge installed in Saar Mall which she and her friends stocked with non-perishable food such as milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, bags of rice, sugar and canned food.
Samsung even promises the fridge will hook up to other IoT appliances through the company's SmartThings platform.
Tony, 50, from Hebburn, who has completed the Great North Run 30 times with his current fridge, said it would be so expensive to ship it over the the states he will buy one there.
Wouldn't it be better to have a fridge that takes a photo of you every time you sneak in there – and automatically emails it to your friends?
The fridge can then use the database to recommend cocktail recipes with the items available, and it even warns users if food is about to go out of date.
If you don't believe that your fridge has a hot end, then feel round the back of it while it is running.
If you can get skinny kegs, you can use a mini fridge. But typical 8- or 16-gallon kegs require a full-size fridge.
And when you swing open the door of a fresh-off-the-line, energy-efficient fridge, you'll be able to scan your leftovers beneath the glow of LED lighting.
Since launching limited edition flavours, Fridge Raiders fans have been crying out for the ultimate scorching flavour; the new Vindaloo variety makes that giant leap in the heat barometer and will challenge any food lover seeking that extra kick.
The Plasmacluster Ion technology in Sharp fridges creates a positive and negative Ion shower that recreates the natural chemical process that purifies the air in the fridge and effectively breaks down and inactivates harmful airborne substances and odors; this means that food in the fridge will have a longer shelf-life.
The second section focuses on the science behind refrigeration and the psychological implications of fridge art.