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FRIENDFramework Initiative for Exchange Networks and Dialogues (Japan-EU relations)
FRIENDFew Relations in Earth Never Die
FRIENDFlow Regimes from International Experiments and Network Data
FRIENDFranklin's Revolutionary International Enterprise Network Developer (Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education)
FRIENDFostering Relationships in Early Network Development
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Therefore, do they long so much for a friend, and for his elevation.
But one thing is most admirable (wherewith I will conclude this first fruit of friendship), which is, that this communicating of a man's self to his friend, works two contrary effects; for it redoubleth joys, and cutteth griefs in halves.
We assumed that he is a friend who seems to be or who is thought good.
But he, my friend, will not forget it, I will answer for him.
He said, and justly, that a married man upon whom heaven had bestowed a beautiful wife should consider as carefully what friends he brought to his house as what female friends his wife associated with, for what cannot be done or arranged in the market-place, in church, at public festivals or at stations (opportunities that husbands cannot always deny their wives), may be easily managed in the house of the female friend or relative in whom most confidence is reposed.
My dear friend, all those things I have, but I am a hermit in the midst of superfluity.
Let the soul be assured that somewhere in the universe it should rejoin its friend, and it would be content and cheerful alone for a thousand years.
Peace, my friends," says Chadband, rising and wiping the oily exudations from his reverend visage.
You will not be surprised, sir, when I inform you that I have called here this morning on behalf of my friend, Doctor Slammer, of the 97th.
I'll give you, Fred,' said his friend, stirring the mixture, 'a little sentiment appropriate to the occasion.
His friend, perceiving him to be awake, came from the fire.
Can you, in short, be prevailed on to quit this scene of public triumph and oblige your friend Eleanor with your company in Gloucestershire?