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The French, on the other hand, say street vendors on the Pont Neuf bridge were the first to sell fries in 1789, making them the inventor of the beloved snack.
His team has made hundreds of fries-about 20 pounds in all--to determine the best combination of IR heating times and intensities, and deep-frying times and temps, to produce appetizing fries with less oil.
The purpose of this study was to optimize pre-frying and frying conditions of deep-frozen yam slices, by comparing the qualities of fried yam slices with the standard quality (oil content, dry matter, color and texture) of potato French fries.
I'm thrilled to partner with Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries for my next growth venture; they are the "here and now" of fast food, better quality, better tasting burgers and fresh cut fries.
and it's hard to get really hot fries at the fast food
Fries also included installation of new marble flooring, carpet, lighting, millwork finishes and fixtures.
The fries in question came from the McDonald's restaurant at 27776 McBean Parkway in Valencia.
The oil is partially hydrogenated, which makes the fries crispy but also increases the trans-fat content--a factor in heart disease.
According to a recent national Impulse Research survey, 72 percent of Americans are looking for the "crispy" taste in a superior french fry and 65 percent wish french fries at home tasted like restaurant fries.
which supplies frozen french fries to McDonald's Corp.
McDonald's in a bold move and amid much press coverage recently announced it is switching to trans-free oil in which to cook its famous French fries.
Ounce for ounce, they're worse than Burger King's French Fries.