FRIPFaculty Research Interests Project (University of Pittsburgh)
FRIPFaculty Retirement Incentive Plan (various schools)
FRIPForeign Researcher Invitation Program (various universities; Australia)
FRIPFleet Readiness Improvement Program
FRIPForward Road Image Processor
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However, FRIP was concerned with profiling biomedical clinicians and researchers.
El FRIP, caracterizaba a la Argentina como un pais "semicolonial" y "seudo-industrializado".
El abrumador componente proletario de la estructura economico-social argentina, no podia menos que orientar la mirada del FRIP hacia el modelo insurreccional.
A los ojos del FRIP era la escena de un proletariado rural combativo en contraste con un proletariado urbano sometido a estructuras sindicales burocraticas aquello que finalmente impondria particularidad al caso argentino.
Under the initial contract SteelCloud is expected to make deliveries in early 2007 to the FRIP prime contractor, Siemens Energy & Automation Inc, Postal Automation Division in Arlington, Texas, US.
In 1987 FRIP introduced a hologram registration device, but this was a diversion from their main business as a stamper and finisher, so they gave up the equipment sector within a few years.
Leslie Gibson, managing director of FRIP, said the machine would also open new markets for the company which operates in the carton, greetings cards, labels, publishing and general print and packaging trades.
Frips combine the thin, crispy bite of potato chips with the hot, big potato flavor of French fries.