FRISPForum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
FRISPFilchner-Ronne Ice Shelf Programme (now Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes; Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)
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SNACKS: KP Hula Hoops, Big O's, KP Skips, KP Discos, KP Frisps, Mini Cheddars, Mini Crinklin, Go-Ahead snacks.
SNACKS: Rancheros, KP Hula Hoops, Big Os, Skips, KP Discos, KP Frisps, Mini-Cheddars, Mini-Crinklin
Following the success of Frisps, KP Foods have now launched Roysters, an adult snack chip.
KP Teesside, which produces KP Crisps, McCoy's, Discos, Frisps, and Roysters, achieved zero waste to landfill by employees maximising their recycling efforts, the business reducing the amount of waste being brought in, and having any residual waste that could not be recycled normally incinerated to create energy.
ASDA are doubling Free Maths Stuff tokens with packs of McVitie's biscuits and cakes, KP Skips and Hula Hoops, and Mini Cheddars, Frisps and Discos.