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FRLFixed Rate Loan
FRLFilter, Regulator, Lubricator (pneumatics technology)
FRLField Research Laboratory (India)
FRLFull Reservoir Level (hydroelectricity)
FRLFamily Research Laboratory (University of New Hampshire)
FRLFire Resistance Level (grading for building products)
FRLForest Reference Level (climate change)
FRLFraeulein (German: Miss)
FRLFiber Reinforced Laminate (paneling)
FRLFractional Reserve Lending (finance)
FRLFire Research Laboratory (US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)
FRLFrame Relay Link
FRLFoundation for Rural Living (Canada)
FRLFinished Road Level (civil engineering)
FRLFrench Radio London (radio station; UK)
FRLFantasy Racing League
FRLFormer Regime Loyalists (Iraq)
FRLFree Range Librarian (personal blog)
FRLFlight Refueling Limited (now Cobham PLC; UK)
FRLFree & Reduced Lunch
FRLFrequently Requested Listings (Automated Directory Assistance & Speech-enabled Applications)
FRLFeyenoord Rotterdam Lyrics
FRLFranchise Recruiters, Ltd.
FRLFrame Representation Language (MIT)
FRLFacility Restriction Level
FRLFuture Remnant Liver (hepatectomy)
FRLFuselage Reference Line
FRLFailure Rate Level (standard for electronic components)
FRLFusion Rocket Launcher
FRLFinland-Russia Line (fiber optic)
FRLFeltman Research Labs.
FRLFinished Roof Level
FRLFilter, Air Roll
FRLFunctional Requirements Letter
FRLFlorida Right to Life Committee, Inc.
FRLFiberglass Reinforced Lining (peramenent spa and hot tub refinishing)
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Differences in facilitator fidelity scores were not statistically significant between Caucasian youth and African American youth receiving wraparound services when controlling for FRL status (p = .
Regression models measured the impact of initial CAFAS scores, racial background, FRL status, attrition, and time in services on exit CAFAS scores.
Study findings indicated that African American youth receiving FRL left wraparound services at significantly higher rates (63%) than Caucasian youth (53%) receiving FRL.
This stage of FRL is the development and concept process validation.
The FRL 5 is fuel process validation after it succeeds all the testing and meets all ASTM specification needed.
The FRL Framework is a conversation starter between librarians and building and district administrators.
The components of the FRL Framework can help spotlight specific skill sets among librarians.
Through generous support from Follett, FRL is now an identified strand of the Future Ready Schools initiative.
Moduflex601 FRL series filters feature 5 micron elements as standard with a 40 micron option.
Other benefits include combined filter-regulators, Moduflex60 FRL series oil mist type lubricators, a fully removable top, and large diameter oil filling orifice.