FRMRFrame Reject
FRMRFédération Royale Marocaine de Rugby (French: Royal Moroccan Rugby Federation; Morocco)
FRMRFish Resources Management Regulations (Australia)
FRMRFlinders Ranges Management Review (Australia)
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Most species of reptiles and amphibians reported from Riley and Geary counties through 1929 were confirmed on FRMR in 1993 (Table 1).
In our study, a disproportionate amount of time was spent in sandy bottomlands, a rare habitat of FRMR.
These observations and the large number of specimens taken from this area before 1930 suggest that Phrynosoma cornutum has declined on FRMR, as it has through much of its range (Price, 1990).
In any event, we found no evidence for amphibian declines on FRMR.
The herpetofaunal assemblage in the FRMR area has experienced modest changes in species composition and relative abundance since the 1920s.