FROCEFort Rucker Organization of Civilian Employees
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He emphasizes that, irrespective of how the theorzed, with whatever degree of froce and clarity, her fictive methods (many and plural) were discovered in the act of composition, sometimes involving an astonishingly belated serendipity.
(2) The under-utilisation of the labour force in the form of unemployment, under-employment and dissatisfaction with the present work/job has been estimated to be affecting a quarter of the labour froce, [see, NMC (1988), p.
Schumacher's studies complement recent experiments using a computer to simulate the frictional froce between a violin string and bow's hairs (SN:3/9/85, p.
Rangers sources said the Indian Border Security Froce handed over the fishermen to the Pakistan Rangers at Wahga Border near here.
It is understood 53-year-old Oliver - who quit over his froce's handling of the Scott Simpson murder and his relationship with a businessman's wife - called the lab on Wednesday to ask if Elsie could join him.
The present study is based on the data collected through the fertility module of the 1979-80 Population, Labour Froce and Migration (PLM) Survey.