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FROEFrame Relay over Ethernet
FROEFinal Report of Expenditures
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This can be done with a chainsaw for ease, or split with a froe and mallet if the grain looks fairly straight.
Using the froe, I rived out roughly 5/8-inch-square lengths of black walnut from the 20-inch-long log, which I then rounded using the drawknife and spokeshave-working the wood down to "dowels" a shade more than 1/2 inch in diameter.
I have two or three froes, and noticed Hank used a froe and an iron-splitting wedge.
Thicker pieces of wood can be riven,or split with a Froe,a blade that is knocked into the end of a small trunk and pushed from side to side, splitting the wood as it travels up the length of the trunk.
One of Jim's favorite tools is the froe, a wood-splitting tool that comes in many sizes.
Their dissolved oxygen sensors, Model Hx438 and Gx448 have a double layer membrane system, made froe Teflon and stainless steel, which allows the use of high pressure with a fast response.
This is very different from a drawknife or froe operation.
Quorn Joan Bloodworth 01509 620481 THE FROE AT QUORN VILLAGE HALL.
About three hours worth of labor later (spread out over the course of two weekends), I had become sufficiently reacquainted with my froe, splitting maul, chisels and hand drill that I had a serviceable, if not lovely, hay rake ready to press into service--and press I did.
Figure 1 shows the tools you'll need to split the shakes from the bolts: a froe (a metal wedge 8 inches to 12 inches long, with an "eye" in one end to hold a handle) and a wooden mallet (made of hardwood, with a knot for strength).
Non reifforced tubing comes in bore sizes ranging froe 1 to 50mm, with any required wald thickness, and it is suitable for use in peristaltic pumps.
The only tools needed are the froe, the froe club and a hatchet.