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FROGFlame Resistant Organizational Gear (US Marine Corps)
FROGFrequency Resolved Optical Gating (technique that characterizes an ultrashort laser pulse in time)
FROGFully Rely on God
FROGFree Rocket Over Ground
FROGFurnished Room over Garage (home addition)
FROGFinished Room Over Garage
FROGFlexible Response to Ongoing Growth
FROGFaithfully Rely on God
FROGForm Interrogatories (legal discovery)
FROGForever Rely on God
FROGFamily Room over Garage
FROGFixture Random Output Generator (lighting technology)
FROGFlow Regulated Orifice Gauge (carbon dioxide regulator)
FROGFor Recognition Of Greatness
FROGFree Room Over Garage
FROGFoolish Repulsive Old Gentlemen (informal/social group of southern California businessmen)
FROGFluent Readers On Grade-Level
FROGFor Really Organized Guys/Girls
FROGFrequent Reacher of Goals
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Then the princess ran to the door and opened it, and there she saw the frog, whom she had quite forgotten.
While she was speaking the frog knocked again at the door, and said:
She did so, and the frog hopped into the room, and then straight on--tap, tap--plash, plash-- from the bottom of the room to the top, till he came up close to the table where the princess sat.
After a minute's search, I found him sitting at the edge of the ditch, by the side of the little Frog, and looking rather disconsolate.
For the oldest and fattest Frog--who had never been properly arranged so that he could see the stage, and so had no idea what was going on--was getting restless, and had upset several of the Frogs, and turned others round with their heads the wrong way.
So the Prince drank his fill, and then, by the command of the Little Green Frog, he lay down on the grass to rest himself.
Farewell, Prince; I wish you good luck,' and with these words the Little Frog plunged into the water and disappeared.
Somebody must listen," answered the Frog, "and I like to do all the talking myself.
I believe it is well ascertained, that the bladder of the frog acts as a reservoir for the moisture necessary to its existence: such seems to be the case with the tortoise.
They ain't had a bite in weeks I reckon, outside of Fatty an' Frog an' Spanker; an' there's so many of 'em that that didn't go far.
Frogs or no frogs, I'm not the editor of a paper and I don't want to defend them; but I am speaking of the unanimity in the intellectual world," said Sergey Ivanovitch, addressing his brother.
Some Frogs frequenting the pool heard his lamentation, and said, "What would you do if you had to live here always as we do, when you make such a fuss about a mere fall into the water?