FRORFirst Right of Refusal
FRORFront Range Off-Road (vehicles)
FRORFinancial Reporting Oversight Role
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The reform provides fror stricter capital requirements to be imposed on some 8,000 European banks.
Machten wir also eine Handedruckung, weich war das Stabchensortiment, schlupfrig, aus Schaum der Syrten gegoren ; sie fror auch, und hatte ein Plaid mit dem Muster der Campbells umgehangt.
3bn) earlier this month, is among the bidders fror Net4Gas along with Czech financial group KKCG.
Ramos was elevated to the head coaching job after management fired his friend, Junel Baculi, earlier in the week as the Energy settled fror a 3-9 mark.
To watch the video fror "American Horror Story's" season two "Special Delivery" click (https://www.
Capel fror Anton's brother Rio was appointed England skipper by coach Fabio Capello in the fall-out from the Terry-Perroncell affair.
Von der Entscheidung der Union enttauscht, fror die Turkei zunachst samtliche Beziehungen zur EU ein und nahm auch ein Jahr spater nicht am EU-Gipfel in London teil.
The club's other main attacking player, Marvin Emnes, is yet to find the back of the net fror Boro this season.
This marks an important strategic change fror Highland Game, bringing their quality, affordable product back into the domestic market.
NETTED BY LOVE Online lovers Zoe and Jo with their children Cosima and Kasper are to wed SHE LEFT NET LOSS: Zoe was getting restless with Jim whom she says was reluctant to start a family HE LEFT NET LOSS: Jo had been with Kima fror three years but dropped her for a girl he had never met before
On top of that, we expect a certain "spark" from the first date and, fror the even harder to please, the suitor ought to be Mr Darcy or at least bear a passing resemblance to Colin Firth.
FROR is not a new term; it comes from the SEC independence rules and is, simply, a position in which an individual influences a company's financial reporting.