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"These individuals brutalized women, and they engaged in human trafficking for profit throughout Central Maryland," said Frosh in a news release.
Asked if he believes that the use of such apps contributes to the spread of anxiety among the population, Frosh replied that it very well might do so.
The law imposed fines of up to $10,000 for violations and allowed Frosh to require a manufacturer or distributor to show its records and justify a price increase.
"We have economic interests that are impacted, but the most salient factor is that when the president is subject to foreign influence, we have to be concerned about whether the actions he's taking - both at home and abroad - are the result of payments that he is receiving at the Trump Hotel, payments that he is receiving at Mar-a-Lago, payments that he is receiving at Trump Tower, payments that he is receiving in all of his other far-flung enterprises, and he brags about it," Mr Frosh said.
The case would likely end up before the Supreme Court and the president's lawyers could explain why his returns should not be made public, Frosh and Racine told the Post.
There's somebody on the TV guiding you through the moves," The Mirror quoted Frosh, as saying.
Men: Chris Winter, jr., 3,000 steeplechase; Isaac Stoutenburgh, frosh., 3,000 steeplechase; Jordan Stray, frosh., hammer; Mike Simmons, jr., javelin; Alex Wolff, soph., javelin; Daniel Mercado, frosh., 10,000; Diego Mercado, frosh., 10,000.
When I saw a sign on the residence door for a frosh Christian barbeque, I decided to go.
Frosh explores the intimate and complex connections between Jewish identity, psychoanalysis, and anti-Semitism.
Judy Frosh, interview with author, Bethesda, MD, May 12, 1999.
The longitudinal study began during the 2002 summer season and followed thirty "frosh," fifth grade campers throughout the school year.