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FROYOFrozen Yogurt
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While Android had started supporting OpenGL ES since Froyo, it has been tweaked a bit on Gingerbread in Google's efforts to improve performance and battery life.
So if you thought that a possible denial of Froyo from Motorola may mean the end of life for your precious Milestone, think again.
This froyo chain is celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day on the official holiday.
PTCL 3G Evo Tab is powered by Google Android Froyo 2.
LG often seem to be a little behind with updates to Android and that's the case here, with this handset running on the old Froyo version rather than Honeycomb.
2 Froyo, which will provide Flashenabled browsing that can handle YouTube, Google Maps, and rapid searches.
6 and this immediately leads us to ask when will Eclair and Froyo be coming to it.
2 Froyo platform, galaxy Pro gives the power to stay on top of work & social lives.
The Acer Stream is destined for demanding users with a bob or two to spare but just misses out on the Froyo release of Google's Linux based OS, settling for Android 2.
He added that the new app will work on any Android device running mobile OS Froyo v2.