FRPAFish Restoration Program Agreement (California)
FRPAFraser River Port Authority (Canada)
FRPAFoyer Résidence des Personnes Âgées (French nursing home)
FRPAFlorida Recreation and Parks Association
FRPAFixed Radiation Pattern Antenna
FRPAFixed Reception Pattern Antenna
FRPAFullerton Railway Plaza Association (Fullerton, CA)
FRPAForest Range and Practices Act (Canada)
FRPAFinancial Reporting Process Advisory (KPMG)
FRPAFinding, Response, and Planned Action
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These functions fall outside the scope of FRPA and also the scope of this thesis.
Although FRPA does regulate the issue directly one may assume that such activity will be caught by the agents professional code of conduct that inter alia prescribes that an agent is required to perform his activities in "a manner worthy of respect and benefiting the profession".
23) Such activity is inter alia prohibited by the FRPA article 22.
One might object that the effects of this will be minimal as such activity is prohibited by FRPA article 22.
The Cato Institute, a conservative Washington think-tank, released a statement arguing that the FRPA could "make life worse for the very believers the lobbying groups want to help.
Wolf, still believing that the bill could be salvaged and passed, reintroduced the FRPA before Congress recessed for 1997.
s vice president of resource planning and administration, say the FRPA is a workable document.
That is partially why, say some FRPA critics, the final result came out skewed toward the timber industry.
Pagh is among those seeking to simplify the FRPA to make the acquisition of timber by loggers easier.
Timber companies like Sealaska are proud of the efforts they have made in gauging the effects of various logging activities on fish habitat and in complying with the FRPA.
This rule has its parallel in article 1 subparagraph 3 of the FRPA and implies that services rendered to coaches and managers fall outside the scope of the regulations.
However, read in the context of the definition in FRPA paragraph 1 it should be clear that only natural persons may obtain status as agents.