FRPCFacilité pour la Réduction de la Pauvreté et la Croissance (French: Facility for Poverty Reduction and Growth)
FRPCFederal Real Property Council (US General Services Administration)
FRPCFull Range Practice Cartridge
FRPCFoothill Ranch Planned Community (California)
FRPCFiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
FRPCFast Reaction Procedure Card
FRPCFront Range Power Company (Colorado Springs, CO)
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Assets were then enrolled into an independent real property database containing specific fields mandated by the FRPC. Capturing FRPC data for each asset in a consistent format required close coordination with field team members.
Lastly, in 1987 the PEC, acting under the newly effective FRPC, reconsidered Opinion 72-36.35 This time, it came to a different conclusion:
In the fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRPCs) manufacturing industry, these tendencies have recently led to the investigation of possible substitutes, both for matrix and reinforcement components.
* Staff are easily discouraged if FRPC's are highly critical of research proposals, thus discouraging applications
As Aramco went into 2013, it began marketing from the company's Aramco Asia offices the company's share of the polyolefins produced by FRPC.
FRPC 4-4.1, Truthfulness in Statements to Others, sets forth a lawyer's ethical obligation of truthfulness in negotiations, including truthfulness in a mediation session:
Marketing of refined products by SSPC commenced before the FRPC project was completed, and by year-end 2010, SSPC was marketing up to 110,000 bpd of gasoline and diesel in the Fujian market -- a 72 per cent market share in region that is home to 36 million people -- through its network of 777 retail stations and 14 product terminals.
I believe that this requirement for a registered representative is in line with FRPC Rule 4-3.3 Candor Toward The Tribunal.
Within China, FRPC sold nearly 4.2 million tonnes of products and 2.9 million tonnes of petrochemicals.
The advisory opinion was sought because of the sparse guidance on this subject under the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct (FRPC) and ethics opinions and case law in Florida.(5) At the time the request for the opinion was made, two national organizations of trusts and estates practitioners had recently concluded major projects relating to this subject focusing on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC).
Marketing studies conducted by Sino Saudi Aramco showed that the distribution and marketing of the polyolefins production of FRPC would be best undertaken by Sabic because of Sabic's local and foreign experience in petrochemical marketing, says Khalid Buainain, Aramco's senior vice president, explaining the rationale behind the deal with Sabic.
Application of fiber-reinforced polymeric composites (FRPCs) are limited by their relatively poor performance in high-temperature conditions.