FRPDFall River Police Department (Fall River, MA)
FRPDFull Rate Production Decision (US DoD acquisition cycle)
FRPDFraser River Pile and Dredge Inc. (New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada)
FRPDFront Royal Police Department (Front Royal, VA)
FRPDFederal Reclamation Program Division (US DOI)
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dagger]) Partially supported by an FRPD grant from North Carolina State University.
de lugar) FRAL Frase preposicional de direccion FRPD Frase preposicional de finalidad FRPF Clausula de causa/efecto o finalidad CLCE/F Clausula de condicionalidad CLC Adjetivos numerales cardinales ADJNC Determinantes DET Adverbio de negacion ADVN Modificador renominal MPREN Adjetivo postpuesto ADJPOST Modificador nominal (frases preposicionales y MN clausulas relativas)
Following a successful LUT, PdM NetOps-CF will request a FRPD and Materiel Release now scheduled for 1st/2nd quarter fiscal year 2006 respectively.