FRPGFantasy Role Playing Game
FRPGForum Role Play Game
FRPGFive Rings Publishing Group
FRPGFederal Response Planning Guidance (US FEMA)
FRPGFord Racing Performance Group
FRPGFibers and Recycled Products Group
FRPGFuture Role Playing Game
FRPGFacility Reference Point Graphic (US DoD)
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Fantasy-Role Playing Games (FRPGs) have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years, following the creation in 1974 of the game Dungeons and Dragons (Butterfield, Parker & Honigmann, 1982; Gygax, 1979).
FRPGs can be very time-consuming, taking several or more hours per week.
Players of FRPGs show clear personality differences from controls, although the differences are not as extreme as some stereotypical descriptions might have suggested.