FRPPFord Racing Performance Parts
FRPPFarm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (Florida)
FRPPFederal Real Property Profile
FRPPFlame Retardant Polypropylene
FRPPFront Range Pika Project (Denver, CO)
FRPPFreight Rail Preservation Program
FRPPFlame Retardant Phosphonitratic Polymer
FRPPFire and Repair Party Post
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For example, the Senate bill would authorize a new conservation program to respond to emergencies, which would replace the two current programs; the House bill would set an overall fiscal year payment limit of $60,000 for any single conservation program and $125,000 for all but three programs (excluded programs are WRP, FRPP, and GRP).
"It is in the public interest to require the use of certified general appraisers in the valuation of FRPP easements because utilizing the services of licensed appraisers dramatically increases the risk of overpayment for acquisitions due to inaccurate appraisals," the NRCS said.
The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (2002 Farm Bill) added ranch land to the program and reauthorized it as the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP).
To qualify for FRPP, the land offered must be part or all of a farm or ranch and must:
The tensile strengths in the flow direction are slightly higher than those in the cross-flow direction for both injection molded and compression molded FRPP samples.
The result of these two opposing factors is a better balance of tensile properties for the FRPP. However, the difference in mechanical properties between flow and cross-flow directions may become more significant with large injection molded parts and is often encountered in the production of automotive parts.
Federal agencies rely extensively on leasing, occupying about 398 million square feet of leased building space domestically in fiscal year 2006, according to FRPP data.
Perceptions, preferences for and participation in Conservation and Energy Title programs will be emphasized, including the CRP (CREP), FRPP, EQIP, and bio-fuel initiatives.
Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service is seeking public comments on the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP), formerly known as the Farmland Protection Program.