FRRFree Registration Required
FRRFurniture Row Racing (team; Colorado)
FRRFlint River Ranch (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
FRRFalse Rejection Rate (biometrics)
FRRFast Re-Route
FRRFalse Rejection Rate
FRRFree Rasalhague Republic (gaming)
FRRFast Reroute (MPLS protection scheme)
FRRFinancial Risk Rating
FRRFlight Readiness Review
FRRFonds de Réserve pour les Retraites (French: Pension Reserve Fund)
FRRFloating Reference Rate (finance)
FRRFrequency Restoration Reserve (power grids; various locations)
FRRFinancial Reporting Release
FRRFire Resistance Rating
FRRFusion Rock Radio (online radio)
FRRFree Range Router (open-source software)
FRRFront Royal, Virginia
FRRFacility Repair and Renewal (US Army program)
FRRFinancial Reporting Requirements
FRRFirst Right of Refusal
FRRFunctional Readiness Review
FRRFunctional Recovery Routine
FRRFiber Reinforced Rubber
FRRFunctional Requirements Review
FRRField Return Rate (quality control)
FRRFinancial Restructuring and Recovery (finance)
FRRFacility Risk Rating
FRRFuel Return Rate
FRRForward Resource Reservation
FRRField Reduction Region
FRRFull Reimbursement Rate
FRRFitted For Radio
FRRField Revision Request
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Wolters Kluwer FRR's OneSumX Market Risk solution provides an integrated view of profit and loss and risks on balance sheet.
Wolters Kluwer N.V (AEX:WKL) announced on Tuesday that its Finance Risk & Reporting (FRR) business has successfully deployed its OneSumX for Finance software at Small Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad (SME Bank), allowing the bank to fully implement the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS) 9.
4) Performance: The biometric template protection scheme should not degrade the recognition performance, false acceptance rate (FAR) and false rejection rate (FRR) of the biometric system [4], Due to some biometric vulnerabilities, lack of security because it is impossible to revoke biometric unlike password or token, and therefore if biometric is leaked out once and threat of forgery has occurred, the user cannot securely use his biometric anymore.
So, post processing (Kumar et al., 2011 and Sahu et al., 2016) was performed to remove such points to reduce False acceptance rate (FAR) and False rejection rate (FRR) of an image.
'I can tell you that robots are certainly coming,' Noel Sharke, co-founder of FRR, was quoted as saying in the report.
The FRR and FAR two parameters affects each other, they can be controlled by setting parameters, and can be adjusted according to the occasion demand.
Parametros demograficos y de dialisis recogidos: Se recogieron una serie de parametros demograficos: edad, enfermedad de base, tiempo en dialisis, peso, tecnica de dialisis: Hemodialisis (HD) o Hemodialfiltracion (HDF), frecuencia de la tecnica, el tipo de acceso vascular: fistula (FAV) o cateter (CT), y la funcion renal residual (FRR) medida como el aclaramiento medio de urea y creatinina ((CCr+CU)/2) en orina de 24 horas (Si este era < 1 ml/min o la diuresis < 100 ml/dia se considero ausencia de FRR).
False Rejection Rate (FRR) [15]: It is the rate of frequency that authorized persons are falsely rejected as non-authorized persons.
Performance of the face verification system is determined by considering the half total error rate, .FAR and FRR stand for the false acceptance rate and false rejection rate, respectively.
Based on the tests performed, the proposed technique managed to achieve False Accept Rate (FAR) of 5.5% and False Reject Rate (FRR) of 8.75%.