FRRSFirst Rib Resection and Scalenectomy (medical procedure)
FRRSFeather River Rail Society (California)
FRRSFederal Reserve Regulatory Service
FRRSFrequency Resource Record System
FRRSFuel Return Rate Sensor
FRRSFire Resistance Rated Separation
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The researchers found that most hematological malignancies showed increased FRRs for the same tumor type, with the highest FRRs for mixed cellularity Hodgkin lymphoma, lymphoblastic lymphoma, and mantle cell lymphoma (SIRs, 16.7, 15.8, and 13.3, respectively).
FRRs on three datasets (KoFace, ORL, and Yale) are illustrated on a horizontal bar graph.
False rejection rate (FRR), false acceptance rate (FAR), and equal error rate (EER) are employed for the performance test.
The others agreed that FRRs and regional coordination would be key elements in surviving the next disaster.
Not only would insureds tend to seek the cheapest insurance policies that enable them to meet FRRs, but insurers, competing for business on the basis of price, would also tend to offer the minimum coverage allowable because the fewer injured persons claiming against insurers the lower the insurance premiums.
Within the hierarchy of the system, Flight Readiness Review (FRR) meetings were held at four hierarchical levels.
The false rejection rate (FRR) or the insult rate describes the rejection of valid customers, while the false acceptance rate (FAR) or penetration rate describes acceptance of "impostors" by the device.
Generally these devices also have lower FRRs when set at high-security levels.
Regarding trends in microfluidic parameters and resultant size, we found that increasing the flow rate ratio (FRR) resulted in smaller vesicle sizes.