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FRSFamily Radio Service (US citizens band personal radio service)
FRSFisheries Research Services (Aberdeen, Scotland)
FRSFinancial Reporting Standard (UK Accounting Standards Board)
FRSFlorida Retirement System
FRSFemale Reproductive System
FRSForum des Républicains Sociaux (French: Forum of Social Republicans)
FRSFile Replication Service (Microsoft Windows)
FRSFellow of the Royal Society
FRSFire and Rescue Service
FRSFondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (French: Foundation for Strategic Research)
FRSFederal Relay Service
FRSFacility Registry System (EPA)
FRSFederal Reserve System
FRSFunctional Requirements Specification
FRSFonds de Réaménagement du Spectre (French: Redevelopment Fund Spectrum)
FRSFoundation for Rural Service
FRSFrame Relay Service
FRSFacial Recognition System
FRSFamily Radio Service
FRSFacility Registry System
FRSFont Resource
FRSFile Replication System
FRSFile Replication Service
FRSFrame Rate Scheduler
FRSFinancial Reporting System
FRSFleet Replacement Squadron
FRSFinancial Risk Solutions (various locations)
FRSFlat Rate Scheme (UK)
FRSFree Radical Scavenger (energy beverage)
FRSFaculty Research Seminar (various locations)
FRSFrontier Research System (est. 1986; Japan)
FRSFunctional Rating Scale
FRSFrame Relay Switch (Sprint)
FRSFire Research Station (UK)
FRSForward Repair System (US Army)
FRSWordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
FRSFleet Readiness Squadron
FRSFamily Reconciliation Services
FRSFinancial & Retail Services
FRSFace-Recognition Software
FRSFisher-Rosemount Systems (various locations)
FRSFreely Redistributable Software
FRSFirst Responder Service (LeadsOnline)
FRSFlores, Guatemala - Flores (Airport Code)
FRSFirefighters' Retirement System
FRSFlexible Route Selection
FRSFiltered Rayleigh Scattering
FRSFigure Rating Scale
FRSFormal Reporting System
FRSForum of Social Republicans (now Christian Democratic Party; France)
FRSFund Raising System (software)
FRSFoundation Routing and Switching (Cisco)
FRSFederal Response Subcommittee (US FEMA)
FRSForce Républicaine de Sécurité (French: Republican Security Force; Madagascar)
FRSFlorida Red Scale (house plants)
FRSFacility Record Sheet
FRSForce Retaliation Squad (gaming clan)
FRSFax Recovery Systems, Inc
FRSFfestiniog Railway Society (Harbour Station, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, United Kingdom)
FRSFrame Knowledge Representation System
FRSFluid Routing Solutions, Inc.
FRSForward Recoil Scattering
FRSFeedback Research Services
FRSFault Repair Signal
FRSFundamental Reference System (ITU-T)
FRSFirst Repository States
FRSFunctional Requirements Summary
FRSFleet Repair Service
FRSFocus Rallye Sport
FRSFirst return stroke
FRSForward Repair Ship
FRSFailure Reporting System
FRSFinancial Recovery Service, Inc.
FRSFactory Required Service
FRSFOMIS Requirements Statement
FRSFully Responsive System
FRSFamily Rating Scale
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The immediate assistance amounting to P15, 000 and the P50, 000 livelihood assistance was awarded to the FRs as part of the benefits under the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), while the additional P3, 000 for their immediate need was given to them by the local government unit (LGU).
Jessica Golden is executive director of FRS. Contact her at
The proposed sharing of total government revenues is two-thirds for the FG and one third for FRs.
A global ferry and shipping group, FRS currently operates 60 vessels and carried over 7m passengers and 1.9m vehicles last year on national and international ferry lines.
Mark also brings an excellent background working with organizations relevant to the security industry where FRS operates.
According to a press release issued here, FATA Secretariat Officials with support of UNICEF, WHO and BMGF have prepared 3168 teams comprising 2774 mobile teams, 298 fixed teams and 96 transit teams, who will administer anti-polio drops to 951308 children of below the age of five years in FATA and FRs.
AIM: The study was undertaken to assess whether severity of diabetic retinopathy predicts the risk of cardiovascular disease, using the FRS.
[sup][1] HFOs include ripples (80-250 Hz) and fast ripples (FRs) (250-500 Hz).
The FRS also established evacuation hostels in the UK and arranged the placement of refugees into Quaker families.
Although this action calls for an increase of 30 aircraft based at NAS Lemoore, the FA-18C FRS with 30 aircraft assigned was disestablished in 2013.
An eight-month project involved the comprehensive upgrade of the IT infrastructure at FRS's Framwellgate Moor site and migration to its new HQ building on the Belmont Business Park, Durham.