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FRSAFire Rescue Safety Australia (equipment supplies)
FRSAFellow of the Royal Society of Arts (UK)
FRSAFamily Readiness Support Assistant
FRSAFree Radical Scavenging Activity
FRSAFederal Railroad Safety Act of 1970
FRSAFondation Romande en Faveur des Personnes Sourdes-Aveugles (Swiss blind-deaf foundation)
FRSAFlorida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Inc.
FRSAFlorida Regional Stewardship Alliance (est. 2005)
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Hibiscus infusions and decoctions had the highest FRSA like TPC values and varied from 41.9+-2.8 to 73.9+-7.7 umol Trolox/g (Table 4).
"I want to give credit to the ADGM, [and] to the FRSA team," she added, "for taking action and putting the first crypto asset exchange framework, that allows companies to get fully regulated and serve the wider market."
As regards crypto asset custodians, the FRSA has taken a similar approach to that of other custodian activities permitted within the ADGM.
A reception followed, which was attended by the board members of The London Tea History Association: Mike Bunston OBE, Denys Shortt OBE, Brian Writer, Malcolm Ferris-Lay FRSc, Alexandra Messervy FRSA, James Pogson, Bernard Bunting, Ranit Bhuyan and Ian Bryson.
The free radical scavenging ability (FRSA) of the broccoli extracts was measured using the stable radical 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPTh) [16].
First-trimester RSA (FRSA) occurs within 12 weeks of pregnancy and its pathogenesis is more complicated than second-trimester RSA.
The FRSA published a consultation paper on 31 August 2016 seeking industry views on its proposed fintech legislative framework to support companies, institutions and participants that wish to deploy innovative technology within the financial services sector (fintech) in Abu Dhabi and the wider region.
The FRSA had published a consultation paper on May 10 and is seeking industry views on its proposed FinTech regulatory framework, including the Regulatory Laboratory initiative.
The panel is chaired by long-standing judge Al Scott FRSA of C3.
Free radical scavenging activity (FRSA) of the VAL extract (1 mg/mL) was measured using the method described by Brand-Williams et al.
Effects of water deficit at different growth stages on free radical scavenging activity (FRSA) of O.