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FRSMFellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
FRSMFootball Réuni de Saint Marcel (French football club)
FRSMFrame Relay Service Module
FRSMFellowship of the Royal Schools of Music
FRSMFree Radio: Stanica MIR (Internet radio)
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05) for birds fed FRSM than SBM and serum calcium concentration was highest in Group 100% FRSM.
In the finishing stage (31-45 d), all blood biochemistry parameters in Group SBM and Group FRSM did not differ statistically, except for IgG.
In our experiment, only daily feed intake for ducks fed with 100% FRSM significantly increased (p<0.
In the current study, compared to ducks fed SBM, a higher content of serum total phosphorus and calcium in ducks fed FRSM was observed in the first trail stage which may be associated with the increase of available phosphorus and calcium in fermented rapeseed meal.
05) in serum T4 level in response to increasing FRSM in the first trail stage, but no change in the finishing trail stage.