FRSPFredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park (US National Park Service)
FRSPFamily Relationships Services Program (Australia)
FRSPFédération Romande des Syndicats Patronaux (French: Federation of Employers' Associations; Switzerland)
FRSPFédération Rwandaise du Secteur Privé (French: Rwanda Private Sector Federation)
FRSPFloating Round to Single Precision (PowerPC instruction)
FRSPFrame Relay Service Provider
FRSPFederal Rules of Civil Procedure
FRSPFaculty Research Support Program (Indiana University)
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In this way FIFA was provided with material that could lead to severe sanctions for the club, but more importantly in this essay is to emphasize that the agents used by Chelsea were licensed, thus subject to the FRPA as well as the FRSP.
Considering the expansive interpretation of the rules protecting minors laid down by the CAS in CAS/2008/A1485 (FC Midjylland vs FIFA), such a practice will probably be caught by the scope of FRSP article 19, but in the Mikel case no such claim was made.
Faustin Mbundu, President of FRSP, stated that, both Mauritius and Rwanda will reinforce their partnership, mainly in the areas of textile industry, tourism and banking.