FRSSForward Resuscitative Surgery System
FRSSFast Response Survey System
FRSSFellow of the Royal Statistical Society (UK)
FRSSFirm Retail Security Services (UK)
FRSSFront Shield Subsystem (Cassini mission; US NASA)
FRSSFrame Relay Switching System
FRSSFrontline Resuscitative Surgical Suite
FRSSFinancial Revenue Strategy Symposium (Fayetteville, NC)
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FRSS (2016) Fisheries resources survey system (FRSS), fisheries statistical report of Bangladesh: Department of Fisheries pp: 1e57.
FRSS units each have only two surgeons, one surgical theater, a small number of nursing personnel, and no appreciable patient-holding capacity.
This article presents key findings from the 2003 FRSS survey on internet access in U.
The FRSS and FSTs are not a health services panacea, however, even if the concept eventually proves to be medically efficacious.
2014 James Watt International Gold Medal, awarded to Professor Richard Parry-Jones, CBE BSc FREng FIMechE FRSS, for his huge contribution to vehicle development and his technical vision and guidance within the automotive industry.
For instance, the FRSS found that public schools in the Southeast were more likely to offer prekindergarten programs than public schools in the Northeast, Central, or West regions (Smith et al.
In the FRSS survey, only one-third of the teachers reported feeling well-prepared to use computers for classroom instruction.
Unlike the survey for the current report, which focused more broadly on dual enrollment, the FRSS survey focused on dual credit, where dual credit was defined as a course or program where high school students can earn both high school and postsecondary credits for the same course.
It is important to note that the dual credit enrollments collected in the FRSS survey may include duplicated counts of students, while the NCES estimate of 13,736,000 students enrolled is an unduplicated count.
It is important to note that distance education enrollments collected in the FRSS survey may include duplicated counts of students (i.
These findings have been chosen to demonstrate the range of information available from the FRSS study rather than to discuss all of the observed differences; they are not meant to emphasize any particular issue.