FRSSForward Resuscitative Surgery System
FRSSFast Response Survey System
FRSSFellow of the Royal Statistical Society (UK)
FRSSFirm Retail Security Services (UK)
FRSSFront Shield Subsystem (Cassini mission; US NASA)
FRSSFrame Relay Switching System
FRSSFrontline Resuscitative Surgical Suite
FRSSFinancial Revenue Strategy Symposium (Fayetteville, NC)
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In viewing objects and nonhuman entities as intertwined and inextricable from human experiences, FRSS engenders new perspectives on how we perform criticism and on the consequences of interactions in our everyday lives.
[3.] FRSS (2016) Fisheries resources survey system (FRSS), fsheries statistical report of Bangladesh: Department of Fisheries pp: 1-57
For comparison, as shown in Figure 5, we give the simulation results in the following cases: (a) [X.sub.1] is an MCAS, and [X.sub.2] is a BS; (b) [X.sub.1] and [X.sub.2] are both BSs [4]; (c) [X.sub.1] and [X.sub.2] are both FRSs [14]; (d) [X.sub.1] and [X.sub.2] are DBSs as illustrated in [3].
We could distribute logistics packages with four LHS trucks and palletized load system trailers, but those same trucks and trailers also carried our hippo, FRSs, and refrigeration system.
The production of major carps in the Padma and the Jamuna river systems has declined substantially: 187 MT and 157 MT respectively in the year 2001-2002 (FRSS 2003) while 103 MT and 43 MT respectively in the year 2010-2011 (FRSS 2012).
Theorem 2.1 [16] If A, B, C, D and [B.sub.i], i [member of] J are FRSs in X, then
NCES, in the Institute of Education Sciences, conducted this survey in fall 2011 using the Fast Response Survey System (FRSS).
Identifying patients with high FRSs of 20% or greater could flag those who would benefit from treatment with a beta-blocker; coronary diagnostic imaging; coronary revascularization; or more intensive vascular risk reduction by reducing body mass index, lowering triglycerides, exercising tighter diabetes management, and smoking cessation.
Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Fast Response Survey System (FRSS)."Internet Access in U.S.
On a separate visit, nurses collected clinical information to calculate individual Framingham risk scores (FRSs) for first CVD events based on sex-specific multivariable risk functions including age, total and HDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, treatment for hypertension, smoking, and diabetes status (6).
We will soon see the end of financial reporting standards (FRSs) and their older colleagues, statements of standard accounting practice (SSAPs).