FRTDFloating Rate Interest on Retail Term Deposits
FRTDFacilitated Rail Transit Document (international relations)
FRTDFixed Rate Transferable Deposit
FRTDFerromagnetic Resonant Tunneling Diode (physics)
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Finalmente, el factor de correccion definitivo de la TI) (FTD) resulta de la multiplicacion de FRTD con FDTD.
Factor de correccion por re-coleccion para la tasa de desempleo Trimestre FRTD 1 1.
There were continued differences in approach over the FRTD technicalities, but the sides had come along way in the Kaliningrad discussions, there had been big progress compared to a month ago, and a compromise solution was within reach.
Summary: USD 4 billion in debt issuance programme and AUD 700 million for FRTDs rated