FRTSFrame-Relay Traffic Shaping (Cisco)
FRTSFrame Relay Traffic Shaping
FRTSFanconi Renotubular Syndrome
FRTSFirm Real-Time System
FRTSFire Rescue Training Specialists (est. 2009; Ireland)
FRTSFiber Reinforced Thermoset (plastics engineering)
FRTSFederatia Romana de Turism Sportiv (Romanian: Romanian Federation of Sports Tourism)
FRTSFocused Risk and Training Services (Pretoria, South Africa)
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Simultaneously, the firing fields and the generated VPCs' number can be adjusted by setting different AFFFs and FRTs. In the next researches, we will discuss the proposed model in the actual environment and especially analyze the influence on the generation results of VPCs from landmarks' distribution and saliency value.
To avoid collision between the FRTS and the data packet that follows the CTS, the data packet must be postponed for the duration of the FRTS packet.
In addition to cost savings, during its first year of production, the FRTS solar plant will produce environmental offsets equivalent to preserving 3.1 acres of forest and 447 metric tons of avoided carbon emissions.
Fixed-length conductors such as a loose cable have the drawback of high impedance and poor conductivity when the FRT roof is high.
FRTs are composed of three sequential periods: (i) the time from receipt of the manuscript to when each referee agrees to review, denoted as [t.sup.i.sub.1], i= 1,2; (ii) the referee's review time, [t.sup.i.sub.2]; and (iii) the editor's handling of the manuscript after receiving the referee's report, [t.sup.i.sub.3].
The analysis of SBP for multi-coupled control object "tanker-served ship" is a base for developing the hierarchical structure and main APM and PTM components of specialized DMS for efficient control of bunkering operations of FRTs in non-stationary marine environment.
To show that [d.sup.*] is strictly increasing in s, consider [s.sub.1] > [s.sub.0] and denote the corresponding optimal FRTs by [d.sup.*.sub.1] and [d.sup.*.sub.0].
Both the submit-accept time and the first-response time (from submission to first editorial decision, henceforth FRT, or FRTs in plural) more than doubled in many economics journals over the last twenty to forty years (Ellison, 2002a; Azar, 2004b).
As Table 1 shows, USPAP presents one level of binding requirements applicable to all appraisal assignments, an additional level of requirements for market value opinions, and via Statement 10, a third level of requirements applicable to federally related transactions (FRTs).
A theory that the fish were making the noise to sound an alarm was rejected when shark scent didn't increase the FRTs.