FRUSForeign Relations of the United States
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In 1989, 36 years after the coup, the State Department published a FRUS volume on US-Iran relations between 1951 and 1954 that neglected to mention any covert operation against the Iranian government.
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With assistance from elite Thai paratroopers (PARU) (48) and White Star, arrangements (codenamed Project Momentum) were made to provide the Hmong with the essentials needed to support and train village-based guerrilla militias, including rice and care for their dependents (Gravel 1971: 646; FRUS 1997, May 9, 1961: Doc.
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The government recently established a panel of senior intelligence officials to decide disputes over covert operations, and Kimball says he looks forward to the Nixon FRUS editions with guarded optimism: "The issue .