FRUSForeign Relations of the United States
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In the same year, the Chinese government established the Voice of the People of Thailand radio station in southern China to be a mouthpiece of the CPT in attacking the Thai government's willingness to allow the United States to intervene in the country (FRUS 1964-1968).
Our solution prevents a malicious or misconfigured FRU from compromising the code running on the CPU by checking all the incoming and outgoing communication."
In 1989, 36 years after the coup, the State Department published a FRUS volume on US-Iran relations between 1951 and 1954 that neglected to mention any covert operation against the Iranian government.
(43.) Ambassador Joseph Kennedy to Secretary of State Cordell Hull, memorandum, 3 September 1939, in FRUS, 1939, VII: 214.
(8.) The release of Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) volume, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, 1977-1980, has made analysis of this process possible (see Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977-1980, vol.
There are 16 health facilities, of which seven were providing 24 x 7 CEmONC services: [four CHCs; two CHCs designated as First Referral Units (FRUs); and one district hospital], and the remaining nine block Primary Health Centers (PHCs) were providing 24 x 7 BEmONC services.
The military option retained by the US, albeit one which was preferably not through direct intervention, was to continue supporting the resistance movement if the negotiating terms of the Geneva Conference were deemed unacceptable (Blaufarb 1967: 145; FRUS 1994, June 28, 1961: Doc.
It may be assumed, however, that since members of the Departments of State and Defense were the major actors in these two groups, then the information, views, and recommendations from these two groups were represented also in the State Department, Defense Department, and National Security Council documents that were included in the FRUS series.
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United States Department of State, Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States, (FRUS), 1927, II, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1927.