FRVSFair Rental Value System
FRVSFond Rozvoje Vysokych Skol (Czech: University Development Fund)
FRVSFoothills Regional Victim Services (Alberta, Canada)
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Changes in fuel economy due to vehicle weight addition/reduction are estimated using the fuel reduction value (FRV) approach described in [11].
He reiterated the sentiments of the FRVS on the lack of integrated, protected, elevated and segregated bike lanes in the metropolis.
The first vessel constructed to be acoustically quieted was the Fisheries Research Vessel (FRV) Corystes, put into service in 1988 for the United Kingdom.
Mr Notman said he believes the FRVs will eventually become a regular feature at crime scenes around the world.
FRVs which relate to important 'A' customer satisfaction variables demand more attention and focus during strategic plan formulation (quadrants 1 and 2).
FRVS does not believe that we really need more traffic rules to add to the multitude of road regulations that already exist on paper.
102/09/1680 Control Algorithm Design by Means of Evolutionary Approach and by the Czech Ministry of Education in the frame of MSM 0021630529 Intelligent Systems in Automation and grant FRVS 1664/G1.
This work was supported in part by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic under grant FRVS, No.