FRVTFace Recognition Vendor Test
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The latest facial recognition algorithms also achieved high scores in NIST FRVT evaluations:
We generated a 3D face model using a PVM representation algorithm and evaluation for a 3D face recognition algorithm on collected 3D face databases based on FRVT [8].
Face recognition performance on still frontal images taken under controlled illumination has improved by an order of magnitude since the FRVT 2002, NIST reports, and in certain cases, the algorithms can outperform humans in face recognition.
"We are very pleased with the results of the FRVT, as it validates and demonstrates the accuracy and performance of our identity verification solutions," said Paul Gifford, Digimarc President.
An example is the scenario evaluations in the FRVT 2000 evaluations.
FRVT 2000 was developed using the evaluation methodology proposed in the IEEE Computer article, "An Introduction to Evaluating Biometric Systems," by P.