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FRYFerry (postal suffix)
FRYFederal Republic of Yugoslavia
FRYFairmont Royal York (hotel; Canada)
FRYFormer Republic of Yugoslavia
FRYFoundation for Rural Youth
FRYFriends of Rishton Youth
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Potatoes reportedly fry faster at higher levels of gravity
Colin's fry consists of a slice of bacon, two sausages, tomato, fried egg, soda bread, potato bread and mushrooms and customers say it's the best around.
In the story's most singular twist, Varian Fry rescued legendary figures like Marc Chagall and Max Ernst, along with many lesser known artists and thinkers.
Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Finance Minister Paul Martin were at the Vancouver rally when Fry made this shocking remark, but did they repudiate her anti-Christian statement?
Using interviews and unpublished sources, including the Fry papers, he skillfully describes Fry from his Harvard student days to his death, including his problematic relations with others, among them his wives.
For consistent results, keep all other variables, like the size of the french fry, the same.
Moab Is My Washpot * Stephen Fry * Random House * $23
They contain photos of shacks, routes featuring top-scoring fries, a glossary of shack types and fry tales, including the Brussels soccer stadium vendor who issued a free condom with every order in 1994.
Fry shrimp rolls, a few at a time, until golden brown, about 2 minutes, turning 2 to 3 times.
McCain[R], the world's largest producer of French fries and appetizers, has announced an improved-recipe seasoned fry sure to send sales soaring.
Slash french fry cooking times by 50% or more with 'The Fastest Fries in Foodservice.