FRZFrozen File
FRZFireRockerzStudios (gaming)
FRZFreezing (weather reports)
FRZFlight Restricted Zone
FRZFragezeichen (German: question mark)
FRZFruitin' Religious Zealot
FRZFuel Reduction Zone
FRZFisheries Reserve Zone
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Negative regulators of Wnt signaling include the Dikkopf (Dkk) and secreted Frizzled-related proteins (sFRP) which bind to Frz or Wnt, respectively, to inhibit cascade activation.
(292.) Id ("Man kann annehmen, dass sich noch 'bausende von Jagdwaffen' im Besitz der frz. Bevolkerung, insbesondere auf dem Lande, befinden.
LA Fracolli, MFP Gomes and FRZ Nabao carried out the literature review and data analysis, produced the tables, and helped draft the final version of this article.
Metropolitan Area Special Flight Rules Area (DC SFRA)--within it is the DC Flight Restricted Zone (DC FRZ)--and these two designations make visiting the D.C.-Baltimore-Dulles airspace the most preparation-intensive as any region in the nation.
Given how close KMTN is to KBWI and the Washington, D.C., ADIZ and FRZ (the ADIZ is actually depicted right on the chart), you can expect vectors for this baby.
(In an unrelated announcement, Blakey also said she will step down from her post as of September 13, her fifth anniversary on the job.) The associated Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ), or "freeze," also will change, although its redesign will be much less substantive.
Located within the ADIZ is a flight restricted zone, or FRZ--known locally as "The Freeze." The FRZ is a 15-mile ring around DCA, flattened on the west side as to provide a downwind for IAD arrivals.
This exchange occurred in May 2005, not long after the Cessna 150 penetrated the Washington FRZ. I was returning from Tangier Island, southeast of the Washington Class B airspace to Leesburg, Va., on the northwest of side of the Class B.