FRhLFetal Rhesus Lung Cells
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The development of FRHL is supported by a consortium of 9 lenders and the project has a concession period of 30 years.
34) encontraron que las celulas MRC-5, WI-38 y FRhL no produjeron titulos suficientemente altos de varios subtipos de virus los cuales son necesarios para la produccion del biologico.
Partial listing of current dengue vaccine candidates in clinical development, with approach, developer, type of genes/antigens, and status DEN (a) Vaccine genes or Approach developer antigens Status Live, attenuated, Mahidol/Sanofi All 10 DEN Phase 2 produced on PDK Pasteur genes tetravalent, cells (b) long-term follow-up data up to eight years Live, attenuated, WRAIRd/GSK All 10 DEN Phase 2b produced on FRhL Biologicals (e) genes tetravalent cells (c) Live, rationally U.