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FS-VDSLFull Service Very-High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line
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Now the FCC has removed unbundling requirements from broadband, the FS-VDSL committee has gathered for the last time to finalize its ITU recommendations, and the BSAM-SSE has redefined the economics of deployment by providing a perfect match of subscriber density, flexibility, and utilization of existing resources.
Ikanos is a member of the FS-VDSL Focus Group of the International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunications Standards Section (ITU-T).
In fact, Alcatel is demonstrating video services over DMT-based VDSL within the context of our world-leading 7300 platform during the FS-VDSL committee meeting.
com, is one of the four panel participants at the FS-VDSL Committee event.
Don Clarke, FS-VDSL Technical Director and Head of VDSL Technology at BTexact Technologies said: "The success of VDSL is dependent on achieving early interoperability between competing vendors.
One such leading body is the FS-VDSL Forum which held several video over DSL trials to demonstrate an end to end solution, in which Inovia participated.
Infineon, a recognized leader and innovator in VDSL (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line) technology, will introduce these industry-first chipsets at the FS-VDSL meeting, March 4-6 in Denver, Colorado.
Plan 998 is the standard band plan accepted by ASNI, ETSI, and ITU and was adopted by FS-VDSL as the preferred band plan to deliver video over VDSL.