FS3Fire Support Sensor System
FS3Financial Services Solutions Symposium (IBM Industry Models)
FS3Fondation Sport, Science et Santé
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Scaling diameter Clear sides (a) (inches) Four Three Two One None [greater than or equal to] 17 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 16 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 15 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 14 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 13 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 12 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 11 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 [less than or equal to] 10 -- -- FS3 FS3 FS3 (a) FS3 = both butt logs and upper logs quality.
FS3: I think if they used it properly, the government, if they used it for surveillance then fine, but I don't think anyone can deny that they're targeting the Muslims.
FS3 My interaction with the SYSTEM is clear and understandable.
The male students in the interviews were coded as MSI, MS2 and MS3, while the female students were coded as FS1, FS2 and FS3. The content analysis of the students' responses to the questions is given below.
Cerca del centro de la placa frontal se ubican las microsetas fs3 y debajo de ellas las macrosetas fs4.
The new uncorrelated variables (FS1 FS2 FS3 and FS4) in MLRA positively influenced BW.New uncorrelated regressors gave the best results for BW prediction of Harnai female sheep.
There's also the possibility of an FS2 and FS3 being launched in the future.
The third set of features (FS3) includes: the spectral features (12 MFCC), the pitch, the voicing probability, the energy, and the zero crossing rate.
A frequencia cardiaca foi aferida atraves de um frequencimetro da marca POLAR[R] FS3. O monitor cardiaco foi acoplado na regiao toracica, aproximadamente dois centimetros abaixo da linha mamilar, do individuo.