FSAAFaculté des Sciences de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation (French: Faculty of Agriculture and Food; Laval University; Canada)
FSAAFull Scene Anti-Aliasing
FSAAFull Scene anti Aliasing
FSAAFull Screen anti Aliasing
FSAAFlight Simulator for Advanced Aircraft (US DoD and US NASA)
FSAAFonds Social d'Aides aux Apprentis (French: Social Fund of Aid for Apprentices)
FSAAFlorida Surety Agents Association
FSAAFlorida Support Administrators Association
FSAAFamily Service Association of America
FSAAForescout Counteract Advanced Administrator (security training software course)
FSAAFalse Statements Accountability Act of 1996
FSAAFuture School Administrators Academy
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This study evaluated the metabolic short-term effect of CGMP compared to an almost identical combination of FSAA by repeated measurements.
The slower absorption of most of the AA in DM1 and DM3, which contained CGMP, compared to DM2 and DM4, which contained only FSAA, could be explained by the fact that CGMP delay the absorption in the gut.
This study demonstrated that AA in CGMP is absorbed as efficient as an identical mixture of FSAA.
In consequence, the whole frequency bandwidth of the FSAA is divided into several [DELTA][BW.sub.n] windows, that are associated with angular regions ([S'.sub.n]) defined on the reconstruction domain (see Figure 3).
Frequency scanning imaging requires the knowledge of the FSAA beam steering characteristics.
(196) The Federal Safety Appliance Act (FSAA) could be the basis for liability not only for interstate workers, but also for intrastate workers who worked on railroad equipment in interstate commerce.
"Macintosh end users have made it quite clear they are interested in high performance graphics options for their machines and the Voodoo architecture is the sole provider of FSAA on the Mac platform today."
Examining Table 2 data by type of marketer, consumer respondents placed greatest importance on their FSAA as a single source for both creative and media followed by "in-house" as a partial source.
Business marketers place primary emphasis on the FSAA for creative and media services with secondary partial sourcing from within the firm.
According to 3dfx the new product is the first graphics card for the Mac platform to offer full-scene anti aliasing (FSAA).
The Voodoo 5 6000 AGP also offers quad VSA-100 processors, 128Mb of graphics memory and a full scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) feature for the elimination of such visual deficiencies as jagged edges and pixel popping.