FSABFood Standards Agency Board (UK)
FSABFire Safety Advisory Board
FSABForensic Specialties Accreditation Board
FSABFinancial Standards Accounting Board
FSABFront of Sunni Arab Blocs (Iraq)
FSABFinancial Services Advisory Board
FSABForce Spéciale d'Airsoft en Beauce (French airsoft association)
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FSIR is the slope of the linear regression of IRC and is the apparent fraction of the reflection corresponding to each frequency, and calculated similar to FSAB (20).
The average values and standard deviations of parameters AIB, FSAB, TSAB, IRC, and FSIR for each experiment are shown in Table 1.
To determine the interaction between the parameters from backscatter (AIB, FSAB, and TSAB; Figure 5) and reflection (IRC and FSIR) of bones, Pearson's correlation was applied to parameters of Experiment 1 (Table 2), Experiment 2 (Table 3), and Experiment 3 (Table 4).
(20) used AIB (-40.9 [+ or -] 2.0 dB), FSAB (-1.7 [+ or -] 0.5 dB/MHz), and TSAB (-4.2 [+ or -] 0.6 dB/ms) to characterize in vitro human trabecular bone, and reported promising results.
The statistical tests showed no difference between parameters AIB, FSAB, TSAB, and IRC obtained from the three experiments, but the FSIR values obtained in Experiment 1 and Experiment 3 were significantly different.
In vivo characterization of long-bone in animal model by two ultrasonic scattering parameters: AIB and FSAB. 358, Rio de Janeiro: Pan American Health Care Exchanges; 2011.