FSAFFairbanks Summer Arts Festival
FSAFForward Surface-to-Air Family (est. 1990; France and Italy)
FSAFFamille de Missiles Sol-Air Futurs (French: Future Surface-to-Air Family of Missiles; est. 1989)
FSAFFoundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
FSAFFountain Square Art Fair (Indianapolis, IN)
FSAFFuel Schemes Advisory Forum (Australia)
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In the case of biconical antennas, to get the FSAF using ANSI C63.5-2006, a correction factor is applied to the actual calibration that produced the NFSAF.
In the present edition, the most notable addition was that specified biconical antenna calibration data should be reported as NFSAF and corrected to FSAF to be used for product testing and Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) measurements.
* Antenna factors obtained for biconical antennas are NFSAF; the standard requires they be corrected to FSAF using the correction factors provided in Table G.1 of the standard.
* Biconical antennas used for NSA measurements will be calibrated at a 10-meter separation, horizontal polarization, and then Table G.1 will be used to obtain the FSAF. Table G.2 or Table G.3, which lists the GSCF, is used together with the FSAF in performing normalized site attenuation measurements (30 MHz to 200 MHz).
Although this is not new, very few people are aware of this FSAF measurement option.
The last revision had a large change relating to FSAF and GSCF and included an informative annex on measurement uncertainty.
However, every participating country wanted its defense industry to participate, but since the industrial capabilities and designers' skill and experience not always justified that, some parts have been duplicated such as the three types of fire-control radar used in the whole FSAF.
In late 2003 the Italian Senate approved the commencement of Phase 3 for the FSAF programme, which will provide the Italian Army with six Samp-T systems and 288 Aster 30s to equip two air defence regiments.
The French and Italian companies are already working on the FSAF (Famille de Sol/Surface Air Futur) programme, which involves the SAAM point-defence missile, the SAMP-T replacement for Improved Hawk and the SAMP-N long-range naval surface-to-air missile.
Contact: Jo Scott, FSAF, Box 80845, Fairbanks, AK 99708; (907) 474-8869.(2)(4)(5)