FSAMFull Service Access Method
FSAMFederal Segment Architecture Methodology
FSAMFédération Suisse d'Aéromodélisme (French: Aeromodelling Federation of Switzerland; Switzerland)
FSAMFederated Storage Area Management
FSAMFédération Sénégalaise des Sports Automobile et Motocycliste (French: Senegalese Federation of Sports and Motorcycle Automobiles)
FSAMFirst Southwest Asset Management (Austin, TX)
FSAMFluorinated Self-Assembled Monolayer
FSAMFinancial Social Accounting Matrix
FSAMField Service Advice Memorandum (US IRS)
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The FSAM board of directors will continue to work to maximize stockholder interests with a goal of returning value to our stockholders.
Kreukels BPC, Hamburger HL, Ruiter MB, van Dam FSAM, Ridderinkhof KR, Boogerd W, et al.
What enabled the Free South Africa Movement's "meteoric rise," and what did the FSAM succeed in doing?
FSAM focuses heavily on storage virtualisation, a technique that allows managers to view and manage storage units as one heterogeneous pool.
StorageApps virtualization accelerates our FSAM momentum and allows customers to more quickly and efficiently take advantage of new technology while protecting their legacy investments.
The complaint alleges that during the Class Period, FSC pushed into risky, speculative investments at unsustainable leverage levels and delayed writing down impaired investments to create the appearance of increasing revenues for FSAM.
A registered investment advisory firm, FSAM is located in Dallas, Texas and works alongside Hilltop Securities Inc's municipal advisory division, FirstSouthwest.
This is on top of the 15 FSAM sites which have already been completed in the State.